FARMINFIN is organising a a Twitter chat – an online debate on a specific topic between relevant stakeholders – on the topic of innovative financing means for farmers.

Why a Twitter chat on innovative finance in agriculture?

Did you know that in the European Union, farm numbers have been in steep decline for many years and one the reasons is limited access to finance? Nearly 40% of EU farms have an annual turnover below 25 000 euro. Moreover, 12.2% of farmers across the EU, especially young farmers, experience problems in access to finance, often due to strict requirements imposed by financial institutions. Therefore, while farmers mainly rely on traditional forms of financing and subsidies, many opportunities and solutions can be found in innovative and alternative forms of finance.

To explore this and much more, join our Twitter chat on Friday 4 December from 12:00 to 13:00. You can find the discussion by searching for the hashtag #farminfinfinance or the host @farminfin on Twitter.

We will tweet out the following questions:

Q1: What are farmers’ financing needs in today’s world?

Q2: What are the main obstacles faced by the farming community in accessing finance?

Q3: Is the future Common Agricultural Policy adequately equipped to tackle the difficult access to finance for farmers?

Q4: How can innovative financing in agriculture be further promoted?

Q5: How can sustainable finance help EU agriculture to achieve the Green Deal objectives?

Looking forward to your enthusiastic participation! #farminfinance